Honjo International Scholarships for Graduate Students in Japan, 2016

Applications are invited for Honjo international scholarships available for foreign students to attend a graduate school at a Japanese university April 1, 2016. Up to 15 to 20 scholarships will be awarded. The period of the Honjo international scholarship is set in accordance with the shortest period of time required to complete the intended degree. The student, once awarded the scholarship will be able to choose the option as follows: ¥200,000 per month for 1 or 2 years, ¥180,000 per month for 3 years and ¥150,000 per month for 4 or 5 years. Applications should be submitted till October 31, 2015.

Study Subject(s): Scholarships are awarded to study any courses available within a Japanese university.
Course Level: Scholarships are available for pursuing graduate program (Master and PhD) at a Japanese university.
Scholarship Provider: Honjo International Scholarship Foundation
Scholarship can be taken at: Japan

Eligibility: To be considered for the scholarship, the student must satisfy all of the requirement criteria below.)
-The student does not possess Japanese citizenship.
-The student must be registered to attend or applying for a graduate school starting from April 1, 2016.
-To be eligible, students enrolled in a PhD Program must have been born after March 31, 1980. Those enrolled in a Master’s Program must have been born after March 31, 1985.
-The student must be able to assure the committee that he or she will be able to secure employment in their home country after graduating from a graduate school. This does not require him or her to have employment guaranteed or to return his or her home country immediately after graduating the university, but he or she is expected to have strong will of working inhis or herhome country in the future.
-The student must have a deep understanding of international friendship and goodwill, andmust be able to attend the events organized by the foundation and take part in the network as an alumni member.
-The student must be able to carry an everyday conversation in Japanese. Interviews will be conducted in Japanese.

 Scholarship Open for International Students: International students (except from Japan) can apply for these Honjo international scholarships.

Scholarship Description: honjoThis scholarship is open to foreign students who will attend a graduate school at a Japanese university. The payment of the scholarship money will be issued starting from April, 2016. The scholarship recipients are under no obligation to repay the amount they receive from our Foundation. The student is not permitted to receive any other scholarship in conjunction with the scholarship offered by the Honjo International Scholarship Foundation.

Number of award(s): Up to 15 to 20 Honjo international scholarships are awarded.

Duration of award(s): The period of the Honjo international scholarship is set in accordance with the shortest period of time required to complete the intended degree. An extension will not be given on the pre-determined scholarship period nor would the student be allowed to change his or her courses after the scholarship period has commenced. Those whose enrollment period is shorter than one year are not eligible to apply.

What does it cover? The student, once awarded the scholarship will be able to choose the option (1), (2) or (3) as below.
-¥200,000 per month for 1 or 2 years
– ¥180,000 per month for 3 years
-¥150,000 per month for 4 or 5 years

Selection Criteria: Not known

Notification: The first selection will be conducted with documents submitted by applicants. The results of the first selection will be announced by January 31, 2016 as the awarded candidates’ application numbers will be put on website. Interviews will be conducted between February 1 and 15, 2016, in Tokyo. Its detailed schedule will be communicated at a later date directly to those who passed the first step of the selection process. Scholarship will be awarded in Mid-March, 2016.

How to Apply: Please visit the below link “Online Application”and fill a form, and get your application number. Awarded candidates’ application numbers are announced on website on January 31, 2016 so be advised to save the number you got. Write down the application number on the application form and send the documents listed below to the Administration Office by post mail. To be sent by E-mail is not acceptable.
-Scholarship application form; make sure to attach your photo to the form as instructed.
-Your resume
-Personal information form
-Academic transcript: Please provide the transcript i) from undergraduate course of the university where you graduated and ii) any other courses that you are currently taking or have taken in the past. If you transferred into the university, the transcript from the previous school is needed. All the applicants must provide at least i) the academic transcript from undergraduate course. Photocopies are acceptable.
-Research plan: In Japanese, describe focusing around following four points; i) an outline of your research; ii) projected schedule between now and graduation; iii) plans and goals for the future; iv) research you have conducted in the past (if any). There is no limit on the number of pages or style. Either typed or hand-written is available.
-One recommendation letter from a professor. (This confidential letter should mention the applicant’s academic achievements, character/personality, and his or her potential for the future.) There is no limit on the number of pages or style.
-If your former professor knows about you well, you can ask him/ her for your recommendation letter.
-A certificate of enrollment or a letter of admission. In case that entrance examination will not be held, or successful candidates of the entrance examination will not be announced before he or she applies for this scholarship, write down the scheduled date of examination or announcement on the bottom of application form. If you are already enrolling into a graduate school, please provide a certificate of current enrollment. (Photocopies are acceptable.)
Please prepare those documents in Japanese or English. If you have your documents in other languages, please attach either Japanese OR English translation. Have application forms written in Japanese.

Online Application

Scholarship Application Deadline: The application deadline is October 31, 2015.

Further Official Scholarship Information and Application


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